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About Us

Itaxcon is a Body of Specialists who are independent Practicing consultants and company Professionals. Our team comprises dedicated professionals from various areas with domain exposure in corporate training. We abide by strong ethics, thereby adding value to our client's company in a simplified, cost-effective & efficient method. Our specialists are well versed and capable in most working environments and today's IT enables business world. Our functions delivery is ensuring in PAN India with the headquarters in Delhi NCR. Having established ourselves on Indian grounds, we're steadily moving towards global convergence. We guarantee immediate delivery of quality solutions to keep elevated professional and ethical grade.


The company has a vision of adding professionalism to the heights by delivering professional services with more value inclusion and in the cheapest and time-bound method. The firm has a vision of producing this type of knowledge pool where the young talents can be nurtured and groomed to be the top professionals from the world.


To provide quality solutions to our clients with dedication to uphold high standards of honesty, ethics and integrity.We place the interest of the people including clients, contacts, staff and all stakeholders ahead of the of the Business whenever such a need to differentiate arises.

Our working style 
To provide our customers with real value in return for their confidence in choosing us as their consultancy firm. We achieve this by forming one-on-one relationships with our customers, listening carefully to their particular needs, and bringing together our comprehensive resources to address these requirements.

How we approach ?

Successful engagement management needs to take the total business environment into account. We start by gaining a detailed comprehension of the company's present financial and tax position, in addition to its current and planned actions. Our underlying objective is to deliver all available resources to bear in order to identify potential strategies to strengthen our clients' financial well-being and maximize shareholder value.


We are committed to presenting our customers with all available tax planning options, from the most conservative to the most aggressive, and related levels of risk to make certain they are able to make the most informed decisions possible. In addition, we attempt to ensure that our clients take maximum benefit of present laws and anticipated legislative changes.


We maintain yearlong contact with our clients to stay informed about developments in their enterprise and business and identify opportunities to add value. Our purpose is to ensure that financial and tax planning is incorporated into the continuing development and execution of strategies to achieve the targets and objectives of our clients.