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TradeMark & Copyright Hearing in Person - Show Cause Notice

Either you can appear itself or Hire a Good IPR Consultants/Lawyer

  • We Can Attend on your behalf with Power of Attorney.
  • Our Professional Fee Starts @ Rs 10,000/-
  • We cover Services in All TM Offices, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc.

Why TM and Copyright Hearing call by Registrar?

When you file Reply next Objection raised by the registrar in his Final report, either Registrar gets filled with your Reply and Accept for Publication in journal OR Registrar is not Content with the contentions in the strengthening of Why TM should be awarded to you. IN THAT CASE, Registrar issue a Show Cause Notice (SCN) directing the owner/agent of the proprietary to attend in person before Registrar at named Date and Time and keep your fights and argue with valid points in your favor. Preferably study few past events similar to your case and Registrar has given TM in earlier related cases.
During the performance, it is the art of the instrument or the proprietor to turn the Registrar to allow the image within its authority. One of the most common practices, for example, to determine distinctiveness is to show usage of the brand in India so much so that the mark has acquired distinctiveness.’ If the Registrar is established with the evidence, the mark shall be required to be advertised. Else the record shall be refused.

TradeMark & Copyright Hearing in Person - Show Cause Notice