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TradeMark Objection or Response against Examination Report

We prepare and file your TM objection Reply

  • TradeMark Objection Reply to be filed within 30 days.
  • It takes 2 workings days to file a Reply
  • Our Fee Rs 3500/- plus GST

Why Registrar raise TradeMark Objection in most cases?

A trademark is a logo, brand, name, or slogan/tagline, or a blend of both that represents your company brand’s identity. Very often, when the trademark enrollment process, Trademark Registrar raises questions during the analysis of your filed Trademark application. Register raises objection due to several reasons like your practiced TM is similar or like with an existing trademark; bad to a particular religion; lack of a distinct design; etc.
Therefore, When you received any information from the Registrar of Trademark office that your Applied TM is open to Problem with the ground(s) of the objection, you within get an option to respond ( File a Reply with your contention) upon that said Objection within 30 days of the date of receipt of Information letter. Objection Letter board send on an email. If NO reply filed within the time limit, your request will get abandoned.

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