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TradeMark Registration in India

be a Legal Owner of your Brand

  • TradeMark for Brand Name ( Word Mark) or Logo or Both
  • Our Pricing starts @ Rs 6000/- including Govt Fee.
  • Filing Process takes One day | Use TM Mark on success filing

TradeMark at a Glance

A Trademark identifies your goods or assistance from another same line company or your opponents and can take many forms; for example words, slogans, logos, shapes, colors, and sounds. By trademark filing, you own the legal right to use the Brand name or Logo and can put limitations on others of using the same.

Trademark is registered for particular goods or assistance within individual cases, known as classes. This should not be detailed and must not include current surnames, geographical names, registered company names, or anything indicating royal patronage.

It is possible for others to designate identical or comparable marks as long as it is in a separate, unrelated class. There is a total of 45 classes to choose from for Trademark as per your movements. A Trademark can be registered following more than one class separate application for each position. Which benefits you to ensure your brand name through all applicable classes.

TM can be used from the date of filing of the relationship with authority. Trademark Authority usually takes approx. one and a half years to begin a certificate and since the date of certification, you enhance the legal partner of the Trademark of your brand title and use ® symbol with your brand name.

A Govt. Registered Trademark Attorney can File an application for Trademark ONLINE and it is a speedy manner and cost-effective and save Rs 1000 less Govt. fee. In all other cases, Petitioner or Authorised Representative or Consultant usually file OFFLINE by visiting Department. BUT, it is suggestible to Get Registration Only from Approved Govt. Agent. We’re Govt. Enrolled Trademark Agent in India.