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Company Registration Requirements in Mauritius

Primary Requirement for Mauritius Private Limited Company

  • Atleast 1 Director resident in Mauritius must
  • No Minimum Share Capital requirement
  • Shareholder may be resident or non resident. Minimum 1 Shareholder.
  • Annual General Meeting must include 2 or more resident directors

Mauritius Private Limited Company with Global Business License

Mauritius is a politically stable jurisdiction and also the biggest international financial and business hub in the Indian Ocean region with a solid liberal economy, a reputable banking platform and a wide offer of qualified specialist services.

Its pro-business and adaptive regulatory framework offers security and reliability for its incorporation of international businesses.

Under the Companies Act, 2001 and the Financial Service Act 2007, companies may apply for a Global Business License (GBL) which lets them carry out Business beyond the authority and benefit in an advantageous tax regime.

Companies holding the Global Business License may only undertake activities set out in the Company Plan registered with the Financial Services Commission (FSC) at the time of application for a license or as amended and informed to the FSC.

GBL companies may run financial services activities like banking, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, fund management, collective investment schemes, trust management, trusteeship business provision if the appropriate permit is obtained.

GBL companies may benefit from an advantageous tax plan and a broad network of double tax treaties.

Global Business Company (Private company limited by shares)

Accreditation conditions demand GBC companies to use directly or indirectly, a sensible number of suitably qualified persons to carry out the core income-generating activities, and possess a minimum amount of expenses in Mauritius proportional to the degree of its actions.

Other activities like fund management will need annual expenses of USD 30,000 and from 1 to 3 workers in Mauritius depending on the amount of assets under management. Financial Institutions including Insurance, Leasing or Credit fund, intermediaries such as investment advisors, insurance agents and brokers, along with other financial services are also asked to spend a certain sum per year in Mauritius and have from 1 to 3 workers depending on their level of activities.

Related to the taxation of GBL companies -- the previous Deemed Foreign Tax Credit (DFTC) regime has been abolished. Previously, GBC1 companies were eligible for a unilateral foreign 80 percent tax credit on all types of income, decreasing the effective income tax rate to 3 percent. Now, GBL companies are subject to local taxes at a rate of 15 percent.

Income streams available to an 80% partial exemption (3 percent effective tax rate) contain foreign dividends (subject to such an amount not being handled as an allowable deduction in origin state ), interest income and income derived by firms engaged in ship and aircraft leasing.